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[OS X] Delete Files Without Recycle Bin

[OS X] Delete Files Without Recycle Bin

[OS X] Deleting files without the Recycle Bin

Deleting files is a simple operation that we deal with every day. By default, objects are moved to the Recycle Bin, a special folder from which they can be easily restored, but with a large amount of information, this method may not be the most convenient. Fortunately, it is very easy to solve the problem, because files can be deleted directly.

Tired of the "Basket"? No problem! The current OS X allows you to do without it, sending objects straight to the dustbin of history, and the great key [option] serves this purpose. So, the usual combination for deleting a selected file on a Mac is [command] + [delete]. But if you add [option] to [command], then instead of moving to the Trash, this dialog box will appear. Of course, you will need to confirm the deletion, because, unfortunately, there is no way to undo the action.

If you are not happy with keyboard shortcuts, you can use an alternative method. To do this, select the object and open the "File" section in the OS X menu bar while holding down the [option] key. The desired item is called "Delete immediately". Do not forget that the above deletion is not analogous to the safe cleaning of the Recycle Bin.

Of course, one can speculate on the topic of the long-standing presence of such a possibility in competitor solutions - for example, Microsoft, but such facts are unlikely to be the reason for most users installing Windows as a second system. The usefulness of the function for OS X users does not change from this in any way, and no one forces you to work with it, as well as with the “apple” system itself. Fortunately, if something was not to your liking, then installing a competing OS is as easy as shelling pears.

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