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[Mac OS X] New RSS Client Overview - Reeder

[Mac OS X] New RSS Client Overview - Reeder

[Mac OS X] An overview of the new RSS client - Reeder

Believe it or not, I think we're seeing the first sign of a start vector for programs in the upcoming December Mac App event store. Silvio Rizzi presented to our attention the long-awaited Mac version of Reeder. What's with the Mac App Store? Well, let's take a closer look at the program.

The first thing that catches your eye is the understanding that "I've seen this somewhere before." And literally in a second you understand where - on the iPad. The program not only practically repeats the interface of the program of its smaller brother, but even the icons and buttons are made in the style of iOS. The program performs its functions perfectly. The interface is simple and ingenious at the same time. Nothing superfluous, everything is in its place.
However, do not forget that this RSS aggregator only supports Google Reader. It lacks the ability to add or manage your subscriptions. I think that this is a limitation of the beta version, because the menu items responsible for subscriptions are still available. There is also a small "jamb" betka. At the first launch, in the left column, where a list of your subscriptions is displayed, only icons are visible, and even those are mostly the same. It doesn't matter - just pull the edge of the column to the right, pushing the place for signatures. After that, the program can be used, no other side effects were noticed.

The program itself is as simple as it is ingenious. Three columns. List of feeds, news headlines, the news itself (those that come in the rss feed). If you want to go “under the cut”, or open the entire news page, just click on the title. The left column disappears, making room for the built-in browser. Very nice and comfortable.

There are not many settings yet, but those that are there are enough for the eyes . Just like the iPad and iPhone versions, Reeder is ready to integrate with a huge number of services. Among them: instapper, readitlater, delicios and many others. I presented a list of them in the screenshot below. There are also a small number of synchronization settings.

In general, despite the fact that this is a beta version, I think that it is already possible and even necessary to use it. Of course, for those for whom RSS is something more than a convenient news reader, you should pay attention to something more cumbersome and fancy. For example - NetNewsWire. For everyone else, I highly recommend at least taking a look, especially since it is absolutely free so far.

What does the Mac App Store have to do with it? Yes, despite the fact that I am sure that with the release of this store, this program will definitely appear there. Moreover, more and more often we will begin to meet programs available for both the iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS X. It is this close integration of applications and their universal execution, I think, according to Apple, that should be included in our lives. Good or bad, right in Cupertino or not - only time will tell. We can only observe with interest how the approach to such a concept as a personal computer is changing.

Name: Reeder for Mac OS X
Developer: Silvio Rizzi
Price: free
Link: beta version

Special to ABTco.us

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