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[Letter to Cupertino] Smart Battery Case - a case for the price of a smartphone

[Letter to Cupertino] Smart Battery Case - a case for the price of a smartphone

[Letter to Cupertino] Smart Battery Case — a case for the price of a smartphone

Dear Apple! We have known for a long time that your company positions itself as a manufacturer of premium quality gadgets at affordable prices. But it seems that in recent years everything has turned around 180 degrees, and your activity can be described by the slogan: "Ordinary things for big money." The $1,190 Apple TV remote lanyard still pops up in our nightmares, but today you've taken it a step further and introduced your own battery case for $7,690.

We won't remind you how many external batteries you can get for this money. The fact that for 7,690 conventional units you can buy a quite decent Chinese smartphone on Android. The fact that this product is not at all unique, and there are already a large number of worthy and more affordable analogues on the market made of the same materials, and even with a more impressive battery capacity.

I really would like to talk about deeper things. The phrase "Just look how thin it is" sounds at Apple's gadget presentations, perhaps most often. The best minds in Cupertino are working to ensure that every year our iPhones get thinner, consistently sacrificing not only performance, but also battery life. If you conduct a survey among fans of the company about what they would like more - a thin case or a capacious battery, then it is unlikely that the majority will be inclined towards the first option.

And all of a sudden we got such a Frankenstein - an accessory that makes the smartphone thicker and taller, and even hides its amazing aluminum case in silicone something. The colors of the cases do not match the colors of the smartphones themselves, and in the back of the case there is an unaesthetic-looking protrusion that deprives the most beautiful phone on Earth of the last signs of solidity.

It is worth noting separately that by paying a lot of money for this battery case, the buyer still does not have the right to know its basic technical characteristics. In case you didn't know, Mr. Cook, battery capacity is measured in milliamp-hours, not hours of Internet browsing over LTE. We don't care about the number of megapixels in the iPhone 6s camera, as long as the resulting images amaze our imagination. But do you seriously think that this time we have before us the case when we do not need to know the specifications?

After Tim Cook came to power, Apple began to look more and more at what was happening in the market, instead of continuing to bend its line and set trends. The focus on profit has never been so obvious, and the introduction of the Smart Battery Case is just one more proof of that. And the fact that this case was not presented at the presentation of the iPhone 6s is most likely due to the uncertainty of your company's management that the public will meet the controversial novelty with the usual delight. By the way, are you also going to release a battery case for the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus, or will it still be too much?

This material is part of the ABTco.us project, in which we express our complaints about what Apple is doing without hesitation or fawning. This is not just a corner of an embittered hater, but a column where we, as ordinary users and buyers, express our dissatisfaction with various aspects of the company's work. We invite our friends at Apple to consider this as a manifestation of constructive criticism aimed at increasing the degree of our satisfaction with you. Write in the comments to this article if you agree with our opinion on this issue. We also ask you to share your claims against Apple, and perhaps the topic you suggested will be covered in one of our next letters to Cupertino.

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