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[Leaked] iPhone 6 User Guide

[Leaked] iPhone 6 User Guide

[Leaked] iPhone 6 User Manual

When we buy a new iPhone, in the box we find an envelope that contains warranty documents, a SIM ejector and a card with schematic controls phone. This card is usually called a user guide, but no one pays attention to it, because the iPhone is so simple that even a child can use it. However, today we cannot help but pay attention to this nondescript piece of paper, since it refers to the iPhone 6 - yes, this is how the new smartphone from Apple will be officially called.

The document was obtained by French bloggers from Nowhereelse.fr, which has a reputation for providing reliable leaks. The authors, referring to "the most reliable and loyal Chinese sources," obtained a user manual for the new iPhone smartphone, which was immediately photographed and posted online. A quick glance at the photo is enough to conclude that three facts are confirmed:

  • The phone will indeed be called the iPhone 6
  • The screen lock button will be moved to the right side of the case
  • Volume controls will be modified

Also, the authors of Nowhereelse. fr reported that in an oral conversation, a Chinese source confirmed that the iPhone 6 will be officially presented on September 9 and will receive a 128 GB version. With exactly two weeks left until the event, it seems to us that one of the following leaks will already give us a look at the fully assembled and working iPhone 6.

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