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[CamRip] I stole, I steal and I will steal!

[CamRip] I stole, I steal and I will steal!

[CamRip] I stole, I steal and I will steal!

This morning, traditionally scrolling through the Twitter feed, I was surprised by the huge number of messages that rutracker was blocked. org "this is for chickens to laugh at", and that they (authors of tweets) will easily bypass it. Moreover, the pitch was in the spirit of “ahahaa, Russians cannot be defeated by blocking, lol)))”. I spent about two hours collecting the opinions of my readers about what is wrong with us, and I want to share my observations with you. And also to talk about why Apple (or other large companies) can turn (and already turn) our consciousness back.

This text and everything that will be written below sets itself the task of analyzing the causes of endemic piracy in our country. As it turned out, there are quite a few such reasons, and some of them are very reasoned and understandable. It is no secret that the phenomenon of piracy as such is present in other countries, including the EU and the US, but it's all about scale. If you fundamentally disagree that it would be nice to pay for content, it’s better to close this article right away and don’t waste your time (there must be some camrip out that you need to urgently watch before the official premiere, otherwise your hair will fall out, the Earth will stop, mother will not give money for beer, etc.).

For starters, a small educational program (it is obvious, but without it the thread of the story will be lost). If people don't pay for content (whether it's buying, viewing ads, subscribing, etc.), then that content simply won't exist. This is ordinary arithmetic - no money, no cookies. Even the production of media consumer goods costs money, let alone more or less professional films, series, music, documentaries, etc. Only by receiving a return in the form of a jingling coin can authors continue to engage in production, and we are a conditional unit to vote for what needs to be them to continue or it's time to stop and do something else. I think that at this stage there should be no disagreement with the dear reader, so let's look at the most popular opinions on how we justify our unwillingness to pay for what we watch or listen to.

Throughout the article, I propose to leave the ethical side of the issue out of scope and consider only the facts. To the question “Is it possible to pick up 100 conventional units if I found them on the street? “Everyone is free to respond to the extent of their upbringing and the concept of honor and conscience.

This cannot be bought in our country

Perhaps, this is the only thesis that has solid ground. Indeed, in the world of the digital age, when all the information is literally at our fingertips, it would be strange to dissuade ourselves from using it. This is facilitated by advertising that pours from all the cracks, and the opinion of our environment or friends on social networks, as well as much more. This mainly concerns the series, which in recent years have been gaining momentum in our country following the countries of the West. There are quite a lot of really high-quality and interesting series, and everyone can find something to their taste, based on the preferences of the genre. However, it is rather problematic to buy serials with Russian translation on the country's "X" market, and the domestic serial auto industry is only in its infancy. Today there are several services that provide access to some of them (AMEDIATEKA, IVI, and nothing else comes to mind) and do it legally. But the choice is so poor that in general we can say that today the country of the "X" consumer often has no choice but to watch a good series with semi-professional voice acting somewhere on a site with dubious license purity.

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I don't have money to buy content

At first glance, this thesis should cause a wave of sympathy and understanding in the minds of those who read it. Well, of course, the economy in the country is falling, wages are being cut, people are being fired. It would seem that it's time to stand up for the low-income segments of the population, turn a blind eye to piracy for this group of people, and ends up in the water. But this is only at first glance. Let's take a closer look at what we know about these people for sure: firstly, they can read and write, secondly, they have the Internet (and, most likely, they pay for it, otherwise where to watch such favorite camrips), thirdly, they are educated enough to write about the fact that they do not have money for bread on social networks and spend their time actively defending their position. Forgive me for my singularity, but I consider such people idlers, and their cries that they pirate movies because they have “nothing to eat” are cheap populism. I have been making money on the Internet (in one form or another) for a long time and I can say for sure that if you wish, you can easily earn about 10,000 conventional units per month as a freelancer and performing various tasks that can be found on specialized sites. If you are fluent in language and writing, you can easily find jobs on sites that will gladly pay you to create content. If you know a foreign language (or know how to translate from Google Russian into Russian, you will also not be left without additional income. You can also receive calls at home, engage in remote consultations, process mail and much, much more, for which today they are willingly paid on the Internet. And all this will take you about 2-3 hours a day. And if you don’t have all these advantages, then wouldn’t it be better to spend two hours on self-education instead of listening to a bad offscreen translation of an overexposed picture and feeling sorry for yourself under the "little white" bought for the New Year's award?

The opinion above is just my personal opinion about those people who write on social networks that "I steal because there is no money", and it does not apply to that part of the population who really only have enough money to feed themselves and their families. But such people do not go to the Internet and do not communicate in social networks. They don’t have enough time, they have enough other worries, don’t you think?

I am not satisfied with the fact that cabin

This opinion is quite common. The essence of the claims is that they need not just movies, but with a certain audio track, subtitles in the language they need, so that the tags are spelled out the way they are used to, and the file names contain only those characters that their file server perceives. You definitely need a certain video and audio codec format, proper sound balancing for their 8.1 system, and so on. But I'm not going to put my mind to it, but what prevents you from buying a movie and doing the same thing with it, what do you do with a file that you downloaded from the Internet for free? And don’t tell me that there is a special site, and it’s just exactly what I need, and it’s not my fault that they don’t take money for it. I don't believe in it. If there are such technical nerds, then they themselves sit and collect their collection in the format that they need. And the rest (often) simply justify their unwillingness to pay with mythical technical imperfections.

I'm willing to pay, but they're snickering

This is perhaps my favorite argument. For such people, the "acceptable" price will always be lower than the current one. It was these people who said that “we will buy games when they cost not 1500, but 150 conventional units. ”, before the App Store era. Today they say “the red price of this game is 15 conventional units, for 75 conventional units. let them play it." Let me leave this position without a long comment. In my opinion, this is exactly the case when comments are unnecessary and there is no point in talking about a market economy, the formation of supply and demand and other basic fundamentals.

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I need it here and now (and preferably for free)

What happens if you watch the movie not today, but in a month, when it goes on sale? Will he stop being interesting? Will it be removed from stores? Nothing to discuss with a neighbor on the desk? Or maybe you are catching every moment in your life, wanting to enjoy every minute of it? Then you'd better go on a roller coaster ride or go on a date with your other half (if you have one, because there's no time left for dating, you have to have time to see everything before the release of the novelty on the screen).
For such people, I have only one The answer is buy a ticket and go to the cinema. This will not only give you more pleasure, but at the same time you can breathe fresh air.

What if I don’t like it?

Also a weak excuse. In today's realities, to cancel a purchase, just press a couple of buttons. Apple, for example, has never in my memory refused a refund (and they don’t need it), no matter what reason you give for the return. True, it is worth noting that if you cancel all the purchases that you make, then at one point it may end. Which, however, is logical. After all, you cancel the purchase not in order to look at a freebie (it’s easier to swipe for this), but in the case when you consider yourself deceived or disappointed in the purchase.

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Willing to pay, but for a subscription

I saved this point for the end. Indeed, the subscription model is moving forward by leaps and bounds, which is good news. Based on how many people (in "X" countries) use Apple Music, it can be assumed that such a model can significantly reduce the number of users of pirated products. However, not all companies can afford it, and here's why: in order for the subscription model to pay for itself, the service must have a very large user base who will pay a small monthly fee for unlimited access to content. Agree that if you paid 169 conventional units. for Apple Music, were the only user of the service and listened to music without restrictions for 30 days, it is unlikely that the copyright holders (and ultimately the musicians) would be satisfied with their income from you alone. Therefore, in the case of a subscription, the number of paid subscribers always matters. And the more of them, the cheaper the subscription can end up being. Approximately the same principle applies to watching commercials or banners while listening to music or watching a movie. How much do you think you can earn by showing you a video banner 30 seconds before watching a movie? As a person who sells advertising, I will answer you - if a conventional unit (one) is paid for it, you can consider that you sold advertising very, very profitably. Other formats (pop-up banners over video or banners next to the player) are even cheaper. Even if you insert 10 ad breaks into a two-hour movie, you can earn 10 credits (maximum) from it, and ads will be shown every 12 minutes. Would you like to use such a service? The question is rhetorical, of course.

Thus, today Apple (and other large companies like Google, Amazon, etc.) has every opportunity, both technically and financially, to make a video service available on a subscription basis. It's just a matter of price. In my opinion, in countries "X" the psychological upper bar for the cost of such a service is 999 conventional units, while I would define a comfortable one in the range from 399 to 499 conventional units per month of use. Whether we will see such prices (provided that such a service will be launched at all) is not sure. Based on world prices for such services, the real price of 1500-2000 conventional units per month does not seem so unrealistic. But whether they will buy it here is a big question.

I invite you to take part in a small survey and collect an "average for the hospital" opinion about what can serve as an excuse for you to consume pirated content (you can choose more than one option).

Concluding the article, I want to show you a tweet with comments that the right holders have been deprived of the right to remove content that belongs to them from rutracker. org. As long as this mood is present in our heads, we will be stomping on the threshold of the digital age, afraid to take a small but very important step forward!

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