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[3] What can you buy with $100?

[3] What can you buy with $100?

[3] What can you buy with $100?

American online stores are pretty strange places. It seems like you are looking at the first entry - there are so many useful and necessary things that your eyes run wide. The next day you ask yourself: “Where is all the wealth that I saw here yesterday?” And again you are looking, choosing, thinking, what else to take “more unusual”. And this, "unusual" - if correctly to look closely - a dime a dozen on the same Amazon and similar sites.

Together with the Packet, we once again imagine that we have a whole 100 US dollars and an account on qwintry. com (which means that we have an American postal address and caring comrades who will carefully pack and promptly ship everything we order). What would you like to order for yourself this time, and at the same time save money and please yourself again?

1. Xiaomi Mi Band ($ 18)

Already in the comments on ABTco.us, they actively write about what is the best fitness tracker in terms of price – quality is Xiaomi Mi Band. In the comments to the reviews of the wonderful Jawbone and Fitbit, Carl! Where is this world going...

I really love this Chinese product too. And I suggest everyone to try it, since there are quite a lot of offers on the same Amazon, including from Xiaomi itself. With us, it still costs twice as much.

2. ZVE® Multifunctional Cover($19)

This cover caught my eye quite by accident, but I really liked it. Firstly, it is intimidating and brutal, with all sorts of rubberized pads on the corners, stiffeners and other useful design tricks. From a simple fall, it should protect exactly, but from a difficult and three times branded covers will not save, alas. Secondly, it has a threaded connector for a standard tripod screw. We took the iPhone in this case, took a massive tripod from Manfrotto - and into the mountains! Well, or just in the TsPKiO, yourself click. In this case, the main thing is that the tripod should be more massive.

But that's not all (just like in a TV store) - this case has been built a bottle opener (well, open a mineral water, for example) and... a lighter. Kindle fires, barbecue, barbecue, peace, work, May and a healthy lifestyle, yes. Not very convenient, but theoretically quite possible. Such a nice summer accessory. I'm seriously planning to get one, it's a very interesting curiosity.

3. The Ultimate Bundle for iPhone 6 Plus ($18)

Last time, in our selection, we mentioned Lightning cables and headphones, which for many fail very, very quickly, while for someone, on the contrary, they live for years. This does not mean that one or the other is misleading their audience, it’s just not necessary once in a while, and someone needs to change a piece of wire with the right connector after a couple of months of careful operation, and for someone it can lie under their feet for a year near the extension cord, and nothing. One way or another, all this is a consumable material, as well as films on the screen, and thin cases, and even chargers.

Well, if this is so (and this is so) - periodically you have to stock up on accessories. And here many thanks to various Chinese-American (Chinese-country "X" skim, Chinese-German, Chinese-Australian etc. ) companies that collect everything you need in bundles, make a small discount and quite actively sell through all available channels. For example, another ultimate bundle with an eternal, in fact, discount, contains a Lightning cable, charging, albeit with an American plug, a car charger, a thin clipcase, a film, a headset, a stylus (! ) and a little Chinese air. To whom, of course, and “on Ali with delivery it will be a dollar and a trifle cheaper”, but I personally really like such one-time sets of spare parts (spare parts, tools, accessories). Again, the reviews are all positive...

4. YOPO® Camera Lens Kit ($40)

And another bundle, but this time about photography. Different creative "lenses" (without quotes, fingers don't rise to write this word in this context) are sold in packs at every corner, so it's more interesting to look at various sets of these same glasses. I managed to find dozens of almost identical kits in the environment, sorry, Yopo.

Tripod, telephoto lens, pack of lenses included. Even the mount was thought out - with the help of a branded case, of which there are already 3 pieces in the kit: for iPhone 5, 6 and 6 Plus. Special thanks for the covers. Because all these clips and clips from the "standard" sets of creative "lenses" on the phones of the autumn collection of 2014 from Cupertino do not always sit willingly and not on every case.

And again a hundred dollars ran out ... How- money runs out quickly when you are limited to a specific amount. They would say: "Spend as much as you like," so I would scrape together dollars for 50-60 of all sorts of things. And here you need that, and it's interesting, and without this thing life is not a joy ... And so - all the time. How constant and unchanged is the fact that the state of Delaware, which gives you a virtual “shelter” and a physical one – the Parcel, is still not greedy for taxes, so all that remains is to add the cost of delivery, which – via Qwintry Air – starts at $ 26. We again asked experts from Panderolka:

to rate both the selection and the ideas we proposed for delivery

ABTco.us and Banderolka continue to search for (and find) interesting offers from American trading platforms that fit into certain price ranges. So far, this framework is limited to a hundred conventional units, so some of the interesting proposals pass by, but even for a seemingly very small amount, you can sometimes quite successfully “roam around”. See you next week!

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