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[2] What can you buy with $100?

[2] What can you buy with $100?

Acquaintance with the authors of ABTco.us. Ernest Vasilevsky For a long time we did not publish interviews with our authors, but meanwhile several members of our team still remain mysteries for readers. Today we ...

There are options for solving this problem that are not very aesthetic - with the help of induction modules, made in the form of a kind of "blotch", which is connected with a thin short "tail" to the Lightning connector of the smartphone. In this case, they should be hidden under the case, but not every case is ready to place at least something between itself and the back of the iPhone.

Qi-enabled case options up to Recently, potential buyers have not been particularly pleased with the appearance, but once again scrolling through a selection of curious offers from Amazon, I came across very decent-looking and quite suitable for everyday use cases from Deeteck. If you believe the reviews, then people who are familiar with how Qi works are satisfied with this accessory. We didn’t see such cases on sale, and those same Qi boards with a Lightning plug are very close to this very case (and at the same time they themselves need a case).

3. AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable ($ 14)

There is no need to talk too much about Lightning: the cable is also a cable in the USA. Unless the branded lanyard for an iOS device has one rather curious “function”: it fails even with fairly careful and careful handling by most users. Others can’t even last a year, but Apple wants 20 conventional units for a new branded cable.

Amazon, on the other hand, has been practicing the release of alternative accessories under the AmazonBasics brand for quite a long time: here are headsets, and mice, and chargers at low prices and with regular discounts. Certified Lightning is also available in this collection, Mr. Bezos wants $14 for it on “normal days” and about $9 on regular discount holidays. The cable connectors are made neatly, so that wear problems, if any, occur after prolonged use. We are aware of Chinese cables at $ 3 per coil: half a box of them, very different, was non-working until they were thrown away - both in fabric braids, and absolutely unpretentious, but all at the same time noname, and after a short time they all stopped working .

4. Apple EarPods ($ 13)

Here a man bought a modern iPhone. Maybe for the first time, maybe not, it doesn't matter. The important thing is that most iPhone users probably already have headphones or a headset, or even more than one set. And included with the new smartphone are EarPods. Put on a shelf? Use from the principle "because the kit"? Gift to a friend? Sell ​​on eBay!

Someone needs to sell, someone needs to buy. Apple itself sells this headset for $ 30, but for this headset, the price may seem high to someone. And on eBay, there are a lot of offers that are by no means Chinese EarPods at a price of about 10-12 dollars. There are also Chinese ones, 4 dollars each and all the colors of the rainbow, but we cannot say anything about the quality of workmanship or music playback in them. And on eBay, you can see the seller’s rating and discuss the details of the transaction.

It would be possible to find exactly the same sellers at our online flea markets, but it’s almost impossible to find prices below one and a half thousand conventional units, which, according to in fact, three times more expensive than similar offers from Western sellers.

And one hundred dollars ran out again... However, the same "soup set" or something functionally similar would have cost us "here and immediately" not a hundred conventional units, but all two hundred (share sets, albeit after factory restoration, they do not deliver to us). And the state of Delaware, which gives you a virtual "shelter" and a physical one - the Parcel, is still not greedy for taxes, so all that remains is to add the cost of delivery, which - through Qwintry Air - starts at $ 22. We once again asked the specialists from Banderolka to evaluate both the selection and the delivery ideas we proposed:

ABTco.us and Banderolka decided to make a cycle of similar collections that fit within certain price ranges. Manufacturers have produced a lot of accessories, but many are too lazy to bring it to our market (or they simply don’t know that every country of the "X" bear has not only a balalaika and uranium scrap, but also a computer with an iPhone in addition) — we will find interesting things in various online stores in the USA, monitor promotions and discounts, and share with you our findings and advice regarding the delivery of what we found using the Parcel. See you next week!

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