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'jOBS' World Premiere Postponed

'jOBS' World Premiere Postponed

The world premiere of "jOBS" has been postponed

Joshua Michael Stern, the lead director of the biopic dedicated to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, failed to get the attention it deserved. That is why the directors and distributors of the film decided to postpone the start of the film's commercial release for an indefinite period.

A more complete explanation for the film's delay is the lack of media attention to the film. It is not surprising. The budget of the picture does not exceed ten million dollars, of which at least half went to the fee for Kutcher, who plays the role of Steve Jobs.

In fact, it's possible that the chief director and his entourage were preoccupied with the not-so-flattering reviews of many experts about the film after its premiere at the Sundance festival in January. "jOBS" was included in the program of the last day of the film festival and many critics and experts pinned their hopes on the picture, but as it turns out later, these hopes were not justified by everyone.

Those of the potential viewers of the picture who are interested in her fate must have read these reviews. The opinion of specialists, even if not the most positive, is always important, and that is why there is a possibility that interest in the film could fade after its premiere at Sundance. It is worth remembering only Steve Wozniak, who was truly disappointed with the film, calling the script he read for the film "total crap".

Let me remind you that the international launch of the film was scheduled on 19 April. “jOBS” was supposed to reach the country of “X” cinemas on May 9, but now that the start of the show has been postponed indefinitely, it is not possible to talk about when we will be able to evaluate the creation of Joshua Michael Stern.

Let me remind you that we are currently working on another painting dedicated to Jobs. The main screenwriter of the film is Aaron Sorkin, known for the films The Social Network, A Few Good Men and American President. Sony Pictures, which paid $1 million for the film rights to the film, chose Sorkin as the lead writer. I dare to suggest that there will be an order of magnitude less negative reviews for this film, unlike the work of the Five Star Institute studio.

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