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$3,000 Mac Pro Isn't Crazy

$3,000 Mac Pro Isn't Crazy

A $3,000 Mac Pro isn't crazy

A $3,000 Mac Pro isn't crazy. Yes, you read that right, I really think this is a great offer. Let's take a little excursion into history. In 1984, the original Macintosh was introduced, which had 128 kilobytes of memory and cost $2,495. If we translate this amount to date, it will be equal to 5616 dollars. And let's try to draw a small parallel between these two devices. We will be based on the data that Apple told us about its brainchild - the most “powerful tube” on the market.

Let's leave the long paths of calculations and Let's go straight to the results. The new device has over 10,000 times more memory than the original Mac. And if we go further along the path of "direct comparison", by the way, this is possible, then we will get interesting results. According to rough estimates, the Mac Pro is about 10 thousand times faster. And it's worth noting that this device retails for $2,999, which is $2,617 less than the original Mac's price after adjusting for inflation.

Similar comparisons take place. We can connect the well-known "Moore's Law", which says that every 24 months the number of transistors placed on an integrated circuit chip doubles. Simply put, every 24 months means a twofold increase in productivity. And after that, we will understand that, first: these comparisons are very reasonable, and second: at the moment, the Mac Pro is an amazing device, practically the benchmark for performance and, at the same time, compactness.

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